Our Process

Step 1: Write Your IDEA

Step 2: Selection of IDEA by Jury in six month

Step 3: Present your IDEA in front of Investors

Step 4: Your dream comes true.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to create the value of people who have got tremendous ideas with them but not able to reach investor at the right time. Our intension is to create a bridge between ideator and investor and to eliminate the efforts of both the parties to reach their goals. At IIIOP we will give a ready platform to every ideator to write his idea to us and let us take it forward to the respective Jury and Investors. Our Mission is to encourage those ideators who are thinking out of the box but their ideas are not being recognized well by our society. At IIIOP they will get the right direction for their idea and via our platform ideator can eliminate the role of broker and can reach the investor directly. Here, if the ideas really have that value in it then, ideator and investor will get in touch with each other without frittering away the time and effort with brokers.

See how we work

If you have an idea or you want to build a product, IIIOP is here for you. The first step is to tell us your idea. Upload your idea or product. Then the JURY will select hundred best ideas out of the massive ones received. After that, the selected candidates will be asked to present their idea in front of the investors and if the investor finds your idea worth investing, then voila!, you got an investor. Thus, your idea can reach new heights.